New Store!+Forum Mag

Hey guys!

(did the title mislead you??? there’s actually no new store on Fantage, but there’s a new store on my blog!)

yup, a new store has been added to the Outlet Mall! and its owned by me 🙂

click here to check it out

basically if you’re new to this, its just a place where I put items that I made. You may use them for edits, or anything you want. If you want a store, Email me at

Also, since the Prom event is out, check out this custom I made!

fashion project draft>> fashion project1

Do you like it?

its also on the cover of the new Forum Magazine!!!

stay tuned for more!



8 thoughts on “New Store!+Forum Mag

  1. Ooh, that’s so cute! ❤

    I was going to make a HUGE prom edit pack, out of all the items from old proms on Fantage, and some formal dresses.
    The items were really pixelly, and I couldn't figure it out, so…

    I really like this custom. It's a good idea.

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