Voting results are in!


Okay its been 2 days since I released a poll regarding my decision on whether or not I should move back to

I don’t got no time to tally up all the votes any more because I already got around 200.

So I did the math, I deleted some trolls (people who voted more than once).

And the results?

72% of voters want to move back

28% want to stay.

Well, looks like the majority wants to go back, so I’ll do that 🙂

please don’t unfollow because you will automatically be transferred back to!

I don’t know when I’ll do this, but its sometime soon.

Embrace yourselves.



9 thoughts on “Voting results are in!

  1. Awesome!
    I knew that a lot of people would vote for moving back.

    When you said embrace yourselves, I thought of something…
    Have you seen any memes for the hobbit?

        1. It’s called trial and error. It was worth a shot, but the results were not worth it; I do not value money over happiness. In fact I’d rather lose money than happiness.

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