Prom 2015! |Part 2/3

Post by Trixie; edited by cloud82

Blue- Cloud82

The fantastic Minitricia made a post on the first part of this event, but now the second and third parts have been released!

Here’s the second part of the prom event; the part you’ve probably already seen.

The limo


prom_2015_limo_2 cake outfit ;-;

It’s just the same limo they used last year. To exit, click the red box in the corner, the exit sign is actually just false advertising, and you cannot exit through that door.

I had to find that out through experience.

Sigh, its the same limo, but RAJ IS GONE 😦 remember Raj from last year?? 

raj LOL good ol days. Look how happy he was. Now he’s stuck at the abandoned carnival handing out cards.

Here’s the inside of the prom, which is at the castle



the premium member only terrace, for those who were curious

There’s nothing really magical about it, nothing is animated or interactive.

and now, the third part of the event:

prom 2015 part 3 4 exclamation points???? is that really necessary??????

But isn’t the DJ already sick?

as in sickk B) #swagmoney

Like it says, some random person is chosen to be the “DJ” for prom every 5 minutes

when an avatar is chosen, you go behind the turntables, double in size, and your avatar’s picture is on the screen that previously said “Prom 2015”

DJ trixie B)

Your text bubble also grows in size

In case anyone was wondering, you do grow even larger if you use the red/blue scepter

really big DJ trixie

M A X I M U M  T R I X I E

dj I also noticed something. The picture that appeared on the board had different eyes! (AM I A ROBOT??)

Anyways, voting for prom royalty has ended and here are the winners


people who want t&s back – 1   furries – 1  others – 0

To conclude this post, here are outfits with each of the new prom dresses

nl prom outfit 1nl prom outfit 2nl prom outfit 3

nl prom outfit 4 nl prom outfit 5nl prom outfit 6

Here are some cute prom outfits that dont require buying the new items!

o1 o2 o3 o4


o5 o6 o8 o7


Outfits from Le Shope that you can buy!

I like simple dresses because they create room for me to accessorize! you can wear necklaces, bracelets, purses and headbands. And depending on the look, you can add more/less.


yayy I took this simple dress, and added some accessories to make the overall outfit look sophisticated, yet playful!

Style categories:

-Sophisticated yet simple

-Sophisticated but luxurious

-Sophisticated but playful

-Sophisticated but colorful

-Colorful and playful

-Colorful and simple


Also, for more ideas, click me!

See ya!

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