Fantagian enjoying Prom 2k15!




if you dont have a prom date (like me)

then buy one.

Yep, you heard it, buy a prom date!

*cough cough* a Bestie *cough*

Fantage should elaborate on the Bestie idea. (Purchase a Bestie at the island)

They should make special edition bestie’s for different occasions/events!

For example, a Prom Date Bestie! and the bestie’s can be wearing dresses/suits, and instead of saying yourusername’s bestie, it can be yourusername’s prom date!

isn’t that cool? -o-

us loners need dates too yknow.


Photo credits: fantage_sparky, fantage_potatoes, scoopy.ouo

12 thoughts on “Fantagian enjoying Prom 2k15!

  1. Yup… I’m forever a loner. I think I’ll date myself… But then I’d be Narcissus. Or I’ll date my fluffy unicorn… I actually find it very attractive for it to poop out purdy rainbows. Idek.

  2. psh, i have plenty of prom dates…no need to buy any…
    i have me, myself, and I! :D ahh..happy as can be..
    *sits in corner* (ignore funky font if it shows up on your screen, idk how I did it. I'm just typing here :/ )

  3. I don’t have enough money to buy a bestie btw I wanted to say, Fantage themselves are encouraging bf/gf or whun concepts despite of it being a kids website.
    Another thing, do you get to control what your bestie says? Or its random??

      1. Thanks for telling, it does say some ‘not so appropriate for little kids stuff’. A boy saying constantly I miss you and lets take a selfie and stuff might creep out a little girl.

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