Thanks for 600+glitch+shoutout

600 FOLLOWERS??? THANKS GUYS! much love ❤

It came a bit slower than I thought (because I transferred from Fantage Spy to here… but its okay! any support is always awesome!)

also, here’s a shoutout to Selena! Here is her blog she made with 2 other of her friends: ❤ check it out!! (It’s not about Fantage). If you didn’t know, I met Selena (smileyselena100) from Fantage and we actually got to meet in real life 😀 isn’t that cool?? 

Anyways, here’s are the Mothers Day items!

So I guess these are the moms kids?? ones a cute lil baby and the other is a reckless teen 😮

I’m not sure if I like the shading on the Hair from the second set…

Anyways, if you buy the Hair accessory from the second set, and pair it with a face accessory, the face accessory will start blinking:


Pretty glitchy eh?

you can get pretty creative though.. my friend wore heart framed glasses and it looked funny, as if she was flashing heart eyes at someone 😀


Anyways, that’s all for now. Take advantage of this glitch before Fantage takes it down!



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