Fantage in a flash!


um what?? in moive tryout??? ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY GRAMMAR.


No you don’t. No. No. No. What would you do at a “kiss party” on Fantage anyways? this isn’t SIMS. You can’t move. All you can do is be like “//kiss”. Wait, more like “//kjzyjsdss” LOL


LBS? as in pounds? (lbs is a form of measurement). And if you didn’t know, she’s saying “lesbians my place”. Tbh I don’t know who started this trend, but it needs to stop. I doubt that there are that many lesbians on Fantage (considering this is a kids game). Its just not appropriate!


LOL. “Whun trouts” If you didn’t know, a “trout” is a type of fish.

trout/Hai I’m Gilbert the trout. Would you like to be my whun?


LOL if this was in real life, I would be concerned. Very concerned. Just imagine, a suspicious 12 year old dressed up as a man in sunglasses comes up to you and tells you to go to “the ship”. And if I were you, I would run. RUN FAST.

For all you know that could be Gilbert the trout.

33 thoughts on “Fantage in a flash!

  1. Oh god. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath. It was hilarious. The only thing I didn’t like was the lesbians seens I have lesbian friends irl but it’s all good. 🙂

  2. These posts. These posts are the reason why I follow this blog. Witty. Intelligent. Flippin’ Hilarious. lol. But seriously though. Why. Do. People. Need. To. Ruin. Fantage? 😡 Whuns? So we can have VIRTUAL girlfriends and boyfriends trying to do inappropriate things with mere children? (don’t ask) I respect Gays and Lesbians, different people like different things, but why do we need to bring that on a children’s website? I mean, these kids are probably within the age limit of 7-14. The older kids can know about that, but the younger kids? What if they got off of Fantage one day and said “Hey Mommy! Guess what I did on Fantage today!” :^_^: “Why, I don’t know sweetie! What did you do?” OuO “Well first, I went to a whun tryout and got a boyfriend! And then I went to a leb tryout! And then I went to a kjs party!! And then they kjsed me! It was so much fun! And some of them were doing something.. fheq? was it?” :^_^: “WHAT?!?!?!?!” O_O C’MON PEOPLE. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

    Nota Bene~ I was not attempting to bring up more inappropriate things, I was just trying to use evidence to support my thesis. Please don’t take it the wrong way. Btw. My daddy had Gilbert last night at Lure bar and grill. :^_^: He said he was very good. Although I could’ve SWORN I heard a little voice screaming “NAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” lol.

  3. Lol I watched a truth or dare video and the girl needed to do this dare is to pretend to talk on the phone and say “Mum, I don’t know where the dead body is!” And I lady and her child was behind her and the lady straight away picked her child up and ran. xD

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  4. xDDD
    I was laughing by the end I reached this post
    especially the trout part xD lol

    And like WHAT MAN
    means you wanna weigh people there and see who is the heaviest? I would think so.

    I mean yeah! Seriously, you can’t even spell “kiss” –> “kjs”
    (Breaking news: Fantage community changing English words into something totally different!)

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