Fantagian’s with cute outfits!

I just wanted to say, that you don’t need to wear “popular” items to look good! a lot of the items these Fantagian’s are wearing are quite easy to get! (at shops)

Being fashionable on Fantage is actually a bit harder than you think. A lot of Fantagian’s have been brainwashed by trends that they have become totally oblivious at all the other options out there for them!

Here’s a tip. Just imagine that every item in your inventory is all worth the same. Frisky? Secretary hair? Super short blonde ponytail (lucky bot hair)? treat them all the same!

Another tip. Dont just follow trends. Its actually possible to start your own! I actually have a somewhat inspiring story to tell 😀

I have actually started a trend on Fantage, believe it or not, and its still going strong. VERY, strong. So here’s how it went, I saw a girl on Fantage wearing boots that looked like Timberland boots, and I thought they looked really nice! it was my first time seeing anyone wearing the item too! I asked her if I could buy it and in the end, she let me buy a Starred version. I then recoined like over 50 (LOL) of the boots and began selling them at MyMall. I also convinced my friends to buy them, and they did! the popularity started to grow and from there, it became a trend 😀

Hope that kind of inspired you ❤


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