Fantage, a real world? P2

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Lets just take a minute to think… what if, Fantage was a real world? let’s take that “virtual” out, and replace it with “real”. Let’s take a look at the definition of Fantage: is a virtual world for children where they can play, socialize, and learn in a safe and exciting online environment! Players can explore the world with their own personal avatar, which they can customize by choosing distinctive features, hairstyles, and clothing. Children can also use Fantage to learn new social skills and play enriching educational games. The combination of social gaming, education, advanced customization, and safety makes Fantage a unique experience for children. Fantage truly is a Fantastic age!

alright now mentally replace “virtual” with “real”. Got it? let’s start.

First of all, if Fantage was real, the only people who actually work would be Store owners. Now what about us, Fantagian’s? how to we make money? of course, we play games. Now imagine your future, your job. What do you see yourselves as? a doctor? teacher? engineer? nah. Let’s forget about all that. You PLAY GAMES FOR A LIVING. That’s right. Ain’t that awesome.

Okay, now it’s time for dinner. We go to Chez Fantage. How do we get there if its in a boat, floating in WATER? well, yknow, we just use our “Jesus Lizard” powers and walk across. No biggy. And if we’re feeling real snazzy, we can even hop in our car and drive across.


And isn’t it funny, that that shark has been circulating there for almost 7 years?

Alright so we eat dinner… where did the food go? well, you’ll never know. We’re actually probably secretly bottomless pits. Like seriously, has your Fantagian ever taken a stop to the washroom before? no. Does Fantage even have washrooms? NO.

Okay so I want to change out of my snazzy outfit. Where do I change? tbh in public.

You probably don’t even realize the fact that you’re changing in public because you open up your inventory and you can’t see yourself… well this is behind the scenes of you changing:


good thing nobody was there…

Next, as you read in the definition of Fantage paragraph, it said that we can “learn new social skills”. Laughing. Playing Fantage is quite the exact opposite of learning new social skills. I mean, when you play Fantage you’re most likely isolated in your room. By yourself. That is not being social. But yeah, I get that they’re implying the fact that you’re being social in the game, like chatting and stuff.

But lets face it. Chatting on Fantage literally deteriorates your real social skills. When you approach someone on Fantage, you say hey, but your actual conversation probably wouldn’t be appropriate for real life, or just wont make any sense. (This information is based on the conversations I see in Star Cafe. And if you’ve played Fantage for a long time, you’d know what I mean):

-OWO OMO ONO O OI E EI (random emoticons)

-“insert mainstream song lyric here”


and etc.

Now let’s imagine if we said “owo” in real life…


Not a pretty sight.

So, in conclusion, if Fantage were a real world, I’d be seriously concerned. I would hope for an asteroid to hit the planet so hard, that it would explode- into pixels.

Well, that’s all for now! if you have any ideas for Part 3, leave a comment below!

29 thoughts on “Fantage, a real world? P2

  1. Omg lol xD

    Oh and people can just be “registered” and that’s how they’re created. You can just make a new person by just clicking some buttons.

    Some people spend most of their time downtown… Standing in a very large crowd, still and somewhat quiet, unless you have a certain purpose. In the crowd, you are trampled, run over, blocked, etc.
    There’s a general area of people, and lots of people don’t even bother to get some more space.

    We spend most of our time OUTSIDE of our homes. When we are created, we already have a home. We don’t find it necessary to go there to sleep or eat.

    After fifteen minutes, we automatically shut down.

    People easily get “whuns”, and, for the most part, don’t even know the other person that much. It’s pretty much based off of looks.

    We have levels, and can become famous for high levels.

    We’re physically indestructible. We cannot get hurt, and have never seen blood. We don’t feel temperature either.

    Lots of things wrong with clothing. Boards, for example. And some popular items are just so unrealistic.

    This thing called “membership”. Members get more rights in this world.

  2. Oooh, Cloud! You always entertain me with these wholly random posts! Just love them!

    And yeah, I’d be pretty concerned as well if Fantage was a real world, haha! But, to be candid, it would still be stupendous! Y’know, at least we get a chance to dodge the hustle and bustle of the modern, sophisticated world, lol. 😛

  3. Okay I was literally filling my family’s ears like crazy ///

    I was just thinking if your pet walk and SWERVE along the water with you, I wonder if they actually like have the same Jesus Lizard powers as Fantagians? Like I’m wondering how they stay afloat WITHOUT ANY WATER up to their bodies and not drown…

    and that shark doesn’t eat the pets OR Fantagians too when they go near it.
    maybe the shark is a dummy or some kinda robot-controlled one OR RIGGED because when you go near it or click it?- it swims. maybe it’s non-aggresive, phew. lol.

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