New Author!

Hi everyone, I’m a new author. Kinda new to this blogging thing, so I’ll just tell you some stuff about me. I’ve been playing since 2009. You may or may not have seen me in the mall. Cloud82 is a really close friend of mine, and to be TOTALLY honest I strongly dislike writing boring topics. Or at least writing in an explanatory or persuasive kinda way. Not trying to brag, but I am pretty good at writing just in general. My favorite type of writing is when my purpose is entertaining, or what older people like to call “narrative.” Back to the point, cloud hired me as a “fun time” author, so I’ll just be writing stories to entertain you all. In exchange, I’ll get movie star hair 😀 . Joking. Anyways, comment some story requests and I’ll do my best to write them asap. P.s my user is: xuandao

Say hi if you see me!

Screenshot 2015-06-03 at 7.42.39 PM

13 thoughts on “New Author!

  1. Hey!!!! I like narrative writing too!!!! 😀 speaking of writing, I had exams a few days ago and man I was so freaking lucky to get to write a narrative piece in English class!!! My friend got informational, which is like the most boringest one

    1. If you didn’t notice actually, 3 other people were talking to me. Sorry if that offended you, but mymall is EXTREMELY crowded and it aggravates me at how people expect me to answer asap especially when they call me “xuando” when the name is clearly xuandao. Also if you were paying attention, I did say “hii” and then returned back to my conversation with the 3 other people

  2. Well first of all, I did call you by “xuandao”. And second of all, it is impolite if you wait like two minutes – if your saying that to respond. At least you could of done was say “ooh you know fantage spy hi!” because how am i suppose to know you were saying hi to me. Sorry if I was disturbing you.

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