Story part 1

Hey guys, I promised that I would write stories so here ya go! Comment if you want me to continue this πŸ˜€


I arrived at my new school, ready for anything coming at me. My mom had warned me about this school- about how this school had a bad reputation of its’ students dealing drugs, dealing with the cops, the law. I told her it would be fine. I refused to go to a private catholic school. And so, I ended up going to this school. I know my mom meant the best for me, she warned me about everything.. but she never warned me about the drug that had gorgeous cerulean blue eyes and a heartbeat. I came in, and my first sight was him. Then, I walked in slowly. All eyes were on me. A couple people snickered. The teacher cleared her throat and said, “Class, we have a new student. Her name’s Lily. Why don’t you have a seat next to Kyle?” Her eyes looked from me to the boy with the blue eyes. He waved his hand awkwardly, pushed his glasses back up his nose, and went back to writing. I walked over, and took a seat. The whole class began chattering loudly again. The teacher handed me a worksheet, and said “Here you go dear. If you don’t get any of it, just ask Kyle.” and then she walked back to her desk. I peeked over at Kyle, and our eyes made contact. He had already been staring at me. “Err, hi I’m Lily.” I mumbled. He gave me a lazy smile and said, “Nice to meet you.” I could swear his smile lit up the whole room.

Screenshot 2015-06-06 at 12.22.52 PM


Comment any ideas/thoughts on this story!! Special thanks to daniel_57 for letting me use his account to create a visual image πŸ˜€

32 thoughts on “Story part 1

        1. Being realistic here, I have no clue how to make a youtube video. I didn’t even know how to post onto this blog until cloud showed me. LOL sorry I’m really awkward, thank you for your suggestion though πŸ™‚

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