Summer Camp 2015 |Part 2


I’m back with part 2 of summer camp 2015! Fantage released some new limited items, Fish Fish Booty and a user home for just a limited time! Let’s start.

Limited Items


No comment though, both sets are amazing. I’d buy the swimsuit from the snorkel set and the board from the pirate set.

Fantagian spotted wearing the new limited items:

Screenshot_7Screenshot_8allie12051 I’m curious though, where did she get those items!? The monkey (so cute!) and the banana throne board?

Here’s the secret!

It’s actually a new item from the Pm boutique (yea sobs) Take a look!

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12

Thanks omgmiku for sharing!

Fish Fish Booty

You may notice this treasure chest icon on you left screen.Screenshot_1

It shows the amount of chest and key you get once catching a lobster in the game, Fish Fish.

It’s pretty hard tbh, you need to catch the lobster to get either a chest or if your lucky a key.

The key is pretty hard to get, but you can buy them for 200 gold. Just like the Christmas event last year.

Once you get a key and a chest you can unlock it! You can get 1000 Gold, Campfire Mallows, Gems, Lucky Bot couons, ccc Coupons, and stickers. Owh and also a medal!

*The campfire mallows looks like this Screenshot_6

Screenshot_3 This is what I got for my first unlock.



I thought we can buy it with ecoins like all the other houses..i’d buy it if its available to purchase with ecoins.. It’s cute though.


4 thoughts on “Summer Camp 2015 |Part 2

  1. About the monkey accessory, it was supposed to be a free item that everyone got, but only if fantagians finished the monkey archaeological dig thing in the island. (but it’s closed now so nobody can get it)

    1. Owhh thanks for sharing! I hope they open up the monkey archeological dig thingy soon, it’s been idk a year now? Cuz the monkey accessory is too cute ><

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