Story Part 2

NOTE: I apologize for my side story about the mom killing her kids. It is NOT true, so please don’t be frightened. However, there are most likely events similar to that in reality. Being brutally honest, many of you are viewers that are probably 11ish or over, and trust me reality is so much more cruel. Don’t worry though, because that’s the way life is. My stories tend to be put in first person, and it is usually me being in someone else’s perspective. In this case, I was in the shoes of a woman that was abused at a young age. And no I’m not like 20 or anything I’m actually younger than 14. I read A LOT, and that’s opened my mind to so many things. If you haven’t read my creepypasta entry I don’t recommend that you do UNLESS you are mentally prepared for extremely disturbing content. Originally, I posted it as a joke towards cloud because she remarked that my story was cliche, and yeah I basically gave her proof that my stories have a plot twist real fast. (Me and cloud are great friends don’t worry) Anyways, here’s part 2 enjoy!


The final bell rang, and I bolted out the school. Day 1 of school – complete! I had even made a friend. I smiled to myself as I pulled out my phone out of my backpack. I put my earbuds in, and began walking back to my house. And then, I saw Kyle sitting down on the sidewalk, leaning his back against the wall. His glasses were in his hands, and his eyes were closed. I couldn’t help reaching my hand out to touch his hair. Without a sound, his hand grabbed mine in mid-air and pulled me down. I ended up kneeling next to him, and my face was merely inches from his. He fluttered his eyes opened, and smirked. “What are you doing?” his hand was still gently grasping my wrist. I could feel myself going red, and he released his grip and began laughing. “Sorry, did I scare you?” He smiled at me and tucked my hair back behind my ear. “Uh, I should get going..” I mumbled and stood up. “Oh, yeah me too. I’ll see you tomorrow” he stood up suddenly, and brushed the dust off his pants. I watched him run off with his friends. “Hi there! Are you new?” a girl’s voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts. “Yeah..” I answered as I looked up to find an extremely gorgeous girl. Her hair was a beautiful chestnut brown. I found myself staring at her hair and she began laughing. Her laugh was like the sound of bells jingling. I found myself laughing along with her. “My name’s Emily, what’s yours?” her hand stuck out. I shook it nervously, and said “Lily” I felt myself liking this school already.

Screenshot 2015-06-07 at 12.04.51 PM


Comment what you think of part 2 so far! Part 3 coming up soon if people request it, if not I’ll start a different story.  Hope you enjoyed part 2 😀

25 thoughts on “Story Part 2

  1. the other story wasn’t that bad. i mean its creepypasta, (according to you title) if people are sensitive then i would say to not read a story with the tittle creepypasta considering the fact that there is more killing blood and sexual stuff in the actual stories like Jeff’s is sad, Selnder’s is…. and Sally’s is like sad creepy weird and true to some people in society. anyways, nice story >.<

    1. Sorry about that! Whose party was it? I’ve actually been really busy, and my friend knows my password. Sorry about that, it might’ve been her. Thanks though 🙂 Hopefully I get the chance to meet you on fantage

        1. Oh as of right now, 2 people know my password. But I usually don’t go to fantage parties so it must have been a friend 🙂

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