Adventures in Wonderland 2015!

Post by Minitricia and Cloud82

Click here to check out a Limited Items Cheat

Click here to check out a potion cheat

Click here to learn how to play “The Enchanted Doors”

So it is the ‘Adventures in Wonderland” even yet, again! let’s check it out!

Event Info


This even it 11 days long! and the first part consists of Limited items, and magical mushrooms… hmmm…

Limited Items

Screenshot_25  FYI: The board is animated!

Hair: 2000 Gold/4000 Stars
Outfit: 3000 Gold/ 6000 Stars
Wand: 1000 Gold/ 2000 Stars
Board: 3000 Gold/6000 Stars

I guess they officially got rid of eCoins 😦 RIP. Also, I think they should have made this a costume because first of all, the hair isn’t even a hair. It’s more a headdress. And secondly, that is not an outfit. It is clearly a costume. (But separating everything just means it costs more Gold to buy everything, vs, if it were a costume it would have been a lot cheaper.)

To wonderland!

Screenshot_26 Rabbit hole to Wonderland is located at the Forest. If you don’t want to go all the way there, and wait for the transition, just go Uptown/Downtown, then click on the sign and click “Go to Queen’s Garden”

uptown downtown

Now you get this cool transition when you travel down the rabbit hole!



Here is the garden! here, you can buy the Mushrooms, and Costume.

Screenshot_27 Screenshot_30

Alright, they’re pretty cheap, but you’ll need Gold. The red Mushroom will make you bigger, and the blue one will make you smaller.

Here’s a funny tip: Buy a Red mushroom and combine it by wearing you Sceptor wand (from Lucky Bot) and you’ll be SUPER huge. Here’s a preview:



MAXIMUM CHICKEN OH YEAH. Am I not the most annoying person ever? (sorry to everyone I was sitting on..)

But the thing is, other people cannot see how big you are. They see the size of you and the potion, but not with the potion and sceptor combined.

Btw, the Mushrooms do not last all day. They last for about 1 minute. 

Now, to the Rose Area.


There isn’t much you can do here, yet.

Now, here’s a throwback picture of me and selena in 2013! the costumes we wore were from the Wonderland 2013 event.


Stay tuned for Part 2, 3, and 4!

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Wonderland 2015!

  1. i am really hoping fantage isnt going to do those events again like late 2014 .-.

    and i kinda wanted the normal custom-maker,you know,all the items in 2012,2013,early 2014,or even older-year..i kinda dont like the new custom items imo. :/

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