How to play: The Enchanted Doors


The new game “The Enchanted Doors” is now out! here’s some instructions, and tips on how to play.

e2 Alrighty. Once you’re in wonderland, just click this. Notice how is says “weird room”… not weird at all.. e3 This is the inside! now there really aren’t much instructions, so I’ll just explain it to you. Okay so this is how to play. Note that you do not get any stars/prizes from playing this game. You only get a medal (which you can level up). This is my medal:

e4 Now, to get this medal, you need to “unlock” the door 11 times. To level up from there, unlock it 11 more times and etc. (Example: If you want to get to level 10, you need to unlock the door 11×10 times. Which is 110.)

Here’s how to unlock the door:

(Before playing, get out a pen and paper)

1. Click on the table with the piece of paper on it

2. Now the code will be displayed on the paper, but be quick! it fades away in a few seconds. Here’s what I mean:

So make sure you memorize it. If you can’t, do what I do and write it down on paper. If you forget the code for some reason, it costs 100 Gold to reveal the code again.

To do that, click on Cheshire Cat: e5 Click on “BUY”. On this page, you can also see how many doors you need to unlock in order to level up your Medal. (In my case, I need to unlock 9 more doors).

3. Alright (sorry I got a bit off topic). Now that you have the code, just put the code in here: e6

Click the buttons to match your code. To know that you unlocked the door, this will pop up:


If you see this, it means you unlocked a door (even though the darn queen locked it again).

Extra: A lot of people have been saying that they got the code right, but it did not work. Well I thought that happened to me, but its just you read the code wrong. The font they used made the letters and numbers confusing. For example, the letter “G” really looked like the number “9”. So be careful!

Well, that’s all for now.


23 thoughts on “How to play: The Enchanted Doors

  1. Ooh! Thanks!
    I went inside and I clicked the hint but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do so I guess the hint went to waste… 😛
    Thanks though! I bet this will help a lot of people 🙂

  2. Hi!, this is random, but im new to the whole blogging thing, could you give some good tips and advice? My blog isn’t so great right now, my parents won’t let me buy the premium from WordPress so could give some tips on how to make a successful fantage blog? Thanks!

  3. omg ty when i first played this game i was just so confused oh well hint wasted but now i know for next time ty again u r da best!

      1. I got to level 10 (the last level) and the codes still keep coming. Now it says “-1 doors until next level”. I kinda hoped that the doors would open…

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