Limited items cheat! (courtesy of: ❄cℓαяιѕѕα_ѕησω❄)

There’s a cheat for the “Members” items set. If you are a non member, you can actually buy the member items with Stars (instead of Gold) and you will still be able to wear them!



See? I’m a non member, and I bought them with Stars!

But Fantage might fix this… so beware 😛


24 thoughts on “Limited items cheat! (courtesy of: ❄cℓαяιѕѕα_ѕησω❄)

  1. Thank you very much for finding this out! Now I can use all of my multiple fantage accounts to buy these items, and sell them at MyMall years later for tons of gold!

      1. Please explain to me how what I’m doing is wrong. All I’m doing is using stars to buy limited edition items so in the future I can sell it for gold. That’s like saying it’s wrong for me to invest in the stock market to get more money in the future.

    1. @annaarso buying stocks requires money! Stars do not cost money. Gold is bought with cash. There is no comparison basically you are stealing and making a profit.

      1. You’re acting like I’m hacking into the system! All I plan on doing is SELLING the items later, which involves gold that was already bought by someone else. I am not stealing if someone decides to buy an item I’m selling. Besides, with your logic everyone who buys limited edition items with stars then sells them later is stealing money. The only “danger” I’m causing is inflation with a few limited edition items, but these items will never come back so it’s kinda a good thing for those who want as many limited items as they can possibly get their hands on.

  2. Ive told you a million times cloud not to put cheats up this does not benefit Fantage. Do u never learn your lesson. You have been unbanned for less than a month for hacking ppl and you dont learn. If you continue to post cheats. I wil keep complaining. Gianna4125

    1. Dear Gianna,

      I believe what I am doing is right. I think, these kinds of “glitches”, benefit Fantage as more people will come and buy their items. And, I do think things out. I do not post/encourage cheats that will harm Fantage’s income, such as things like “Free gold dowwloads” or “free eCoin hack” and so on.

      If you still think that this is wrong, maybe chat with me and explain your reasonings. I am not against your opinion, I just currently do not agree with them.


      1. Gold is required to purchase those items for a reason. Fantage does not make money from stars. If ppl purchase with stars its pointless and if it benefitted Fantage somehow dont u think they wpuld have sold it that way. Stars are worthless the cost nothing and pay Fantage nothing. What you promote is awful.

  3. You have no good reasons and btw why is an email required to post comments are you still planning on using that info to hack ppl??

  4. Here is the thing cloud you are smart talented girl and the way I see it you have two options. You can take that talent to promote bad things or use It to be honest and make a difference. I know you are about my age or maybe older and Asian so why would you defile ppl and businesses and promote unkindess, it’s quite insulting.

    1. Can u stop being mean to cloud >.< She isn't promoting bad things, just pointing out glitches. As a person, she's really nice. I've been following her blog for years now and she has never promoted unkindness.

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