Fantage Throwbacks!

1: Fantage Japan! girls had the option to have these eyes… but now in 2015, only the boys get them. (Fantage Japan shut down)w1

2. This is what it looked like when you first signed up!w23. Look at these rare usernames!


4. Remember, back in the old days there were 3 pages full of servers??w4 5. This is how we used to chat!


6. Oh the olden days..


7. This is your ID Card. Fantage upgraded and now we have ID FONES! w7

That’s it for now!


19 thoughts on “Fantage Throwbacks!

  1. omg miss the old fantage
    and then there was more places on the map
    miss the oasis so much ToT
    they also did the thing where you plant the tree to something and captain cody gives u an item…. something like that

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