These people

alright okay


Y’all are blocking 99% of the MyMallians I shall block you for being annoying.

Ha ha, get it.. block, you.

As in LITERALLY dress up in my icecream truck board and sit on top of you.


Alrighty cya guys!

(all actors: sunrise1200)

23 thoughts on “These people

          1. Oh maybe lol actually I didn’t see your usernames on there idfone (and I am talking about my post not yours XD told this just in case you got confused )

  1. Haii cloud! i know this is unrelated but i really do need ur advice. When i was logging in to fantage today, a sign suddenly popped out of no where saying tht i was banned for 99 hours! And i didn’t even say any words tht fantage doesnt allow at all! OnO, So i was hoping tht u know why i was banned? Thank you.

  2. Hmm, i guess so. But I’ve already been playing fantage on Puffin for weeks and this has never happened though, Idk why it’s only happening now.

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