I just found a link with thousands of Fantage usernames and passwords.

I tested some out to see if they were real, and they were.

I even found my username and password (someone was posing as me?) AND I found my best friend’s username and password too.

The hacker who did this is named bRpsd.

What they did, was they created a fake “generator” (http://o.comuf.com/fantage/)

But of course its a scam so what now they have thousands of usernames and passwords. (http://o.comuf.com/fantage/hacked.htm)

Well then.

This is just a warning: Do NOT ever give your account information to anybody or anything.

Stay safe, kids.

116 thoughts on “OH. MY. GOSH.

    1. It won’t open for me either… Could you check if I’m on the list? Here are my two accs: maya_pretty1 and cooltown0

    1. How about mine? Mine is lukeh2o. It would be a little likely to be on there, because my account has (bragging in 3, 2, 1) a lot of valuable items and a very high level that I think hackers would be aiming at, like cloud82’s, cmtron’s, etc.

      1. it shows the second page. I found this page because I was curious of how she got the accounts. I searched for one of the accounts and found the page. But now its blocked for some reason…
        i cant believe i actually thought they were HER accounts 😛

  1. 😲 my computer doesn’t let me go on the link/website but I hope they didn’t put my username on!!

    Sent from Windows Mail

  2. i hate to sa but UGH! BRPSD IS MY OLD FRIEND! i dont think he remember me anymore IM SORRY GUYS!! SO SORRY

      1. not fantage friend neither irl, i’m friend with him cuz i emailed him ‘ HAIII BRPSD!!! ‘ o oi and he said ‘ sup ‘ ;-; i dont think he remember me anymore

    1. its ur guys fault too! why doo u guys trust that free ecoins! u guys can see from the link right? o.ocamfu thingy –“

      1. i was looking through the last part of the list, finding my fake name and password and i saw the one u used gabriel XD

  3. Oh my gosh I saw a youtube video of him he said that if we give him our account details he can give us ecoins and membership. I tried it with my sucky account and it never worked. I cant check this website because its blocked

  4. I’m scared…I’m glad I’m not on there. I feel bad for the people on the list…desperate people these days…thank u cloud for posting this….😣

  5. Haii! Oml! page can’t be displayed tho. Could anyone pls help me check if i’m on the list? My username
    ish: browniepup222 Also, could anyone also help to check if my sister’s username is there too? Her username ish : crystalfrost333. Thank you! >u<

  6. Guys calm down. If you somehow put your acc info in that dumb ecoin generator, your account is going to be on that list. If you didn’t fall for the stupid hoax, it’s not on there!!!! Please don’t stress out.

  7. Wow, this is seriously bad move and an invasion of privacy. This is also illegal to display all IP addresses (in ‘murica.) It wouldn’t be that bad if it was just the username and password- but seriously? IP addresses? There’s also no point in hacking in a virtual world for accounts, there are better ways to spend your time. I’m glad I’m not on the list. For an easier way to check if you’re on the list (for anyone struggling to find themselves) press ctrl and f at the same to search something, so you can type in your username.

  8. Guys, there entering our ip adresses (if your in there) Thats not legal contact the police if you need too. They can hack your computer and send bad things to your computer too. Don’t enter anything contact fantage and the police.

    1. hi is anyone else having a problem going on fantage? its like m computer isnt registering the address. i tried different browsers, shut down computer, everything- still isnt working. i get a blank page when i try to go on. (this is only on my computer i tried my grandparents laptop when i was by their house it worked fine… its only here) what should i do??!!!

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