Fantage Event Idea!

Hey everyone! I just thought of a cool event idea, since it seems as if they’re running out… I mean, its always the same one, repeating each year.

So, here’s my idea.

A Cancer Awareness Event!

How does that sound? I sent them an Email regarding this, and I’m still waiting for their reply.

I feel like this event will be both meaningful, and fun. There could be a donation center, short cartoon clips, a Wall of Letters, Limited items and more!

Donation Center

Fantage has had a lot of Donation events. So, maybe they could do another! we can donate Stars, which they will convert into real money and Donate that to Cancer Research.

Short Cartoon Clips

You know how they usually make short little “movies”? well they can create short little clips that inform us about Cancer.

Wall of Letters

I’m sure a lot of Fantagian’s have relatives/friends that are going through Cancer. Well, this Wall of Letters will kind of be like the Fantage Club House. People can write letters to the relatives/friends that are going through Cancer, and post them on a Wall!

Limited Items

These Limited Items will all have the Cancer symbol (ribbon) on them, and whenever someone wears it, they will be raising awareness.

I hope having this event will bring smiles to faces 🙂 I personally know someone who has died from Cancer- my dad. Its been 11 years, but I will still always remember him ❤ if Fantage actually makes this event, I’d be so happy 😀

SO.. what do you guys think? if you like this idea, it would be great if you could re-blog/Email Fantage about it!

Love you guys 🙂


48 thoughts on “Fantage Event Idea!

  1. Awe, this is a really good idea! My dad’s friend died of cancer and I didn’t get to know him that well 😦

  2. Love the ideaaa! 🙂
    I know Ive already posted a comment about this on your mymall tips page but I’m not sure if you still read that. Do you know how much a coined shooting star board would go for? And also how much should I sell the black dress for? It has a little red thing in the middle but the name is just black dress.

      1. Thank you anyway! Also, thank you for the advice about the blonde intriguing hair that I forgot to thank you for when I first saw it! 🙂

      1. I really love your idea, Im totally inlove with your page! You are such a smart,creative person. Ive been reading all your blogs. I really enjoy them, ever need help i’ll be willing to volunteer. Your page has really helped me so much!

  3. Great Idea!And I’m sorry about your dad.:-(And I hope they do that.And BTW How did you add the rate thingy?

  4. OMG NICE IDEA, IM SALUTE TO YOU CLOUD82!! also congrats for almost 300k views 😀 i hope u got 1M soon 🙂 ILL SUPPORT YA GIRL 😀

      1. So 6 year old can go running to their mommys screaming CANCER CANCER! I love your idea on bringing cancer awareness but I don’t think Fantage is the right place, especially where there all morons of all ages roaming the streets.

        1. They’re.
          Why isn’t Fantage the right place? people learn about things like this at school- why not start at a young age? plus, I’d say the average age of Fantagian’s is 12. Not 6.

  5. It’s a great idea but vantage can’t really convert stars into money like I would donate 50 000 000 stars and I doubt vantage has that much money… But maybe like every 100 000 stars, they donate a dollar, I don’t know.

    1. You got that right! that’s what they do. They take a given amount of Stars and exchange for a dollar. (Ex: for every 10million Stars=1 dollar)

  6. Brilliant as always, Cloud!

    Nevertheless, I highly doubt anyone would be ever motivated to spend stars for donations anymore. Now, as the inclination to obtain “popular “items has remarkably bloomed among Fantagians since Trade N’ Sell, it seems that everyone is racing off to get stars, not give away any.

    However, I really hope Fantage would take your suggestion into deep consideration, since they are really running out of ideas, and it apparently seems their creativity is piecemeal fading away. (It’s still great to know they have replied to you; I somewhat stalked your Instagram. :D)

    Stay innovative! 🙂

  7. What A Genius idea! I Hope Fantage Reads Your Email Or This Post And Makes That Event. Btw, Sorry For Your Loss 😦

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