Its called Spellcheck.





Seriously -.-

One does not simply speak Fantagenese.

Might as well been more like “Chjmeck your injzventojry shoeS” (If you know what I mean.)

Picture credits to @fantage_sparky on Instagram

21 thoughts on “Its called Spellcheck.

  1. While I do agree on the fact that fantage has lingual errors at times but (not to criticize) a lot of bloggers misspell often too. For example the word ‘lose’ is constantly being spelt as ‘loose’ so on that precipice you could cut fantage some slack.

  2. like their 8th time (-_-)
    and they call this “professional working”
    i’d rather see the word “colour”

  3. They really need to snap out of it. They’re being bad examples for younger ones that are learning spelling.

    1. I kind of take offense at that because I do speak the language. Misspelled English and correctly formulated words in Urdu are two different things, my friend. :]

  4. btw at Clara’s furniture shop on the whats new page theirs cheesy nachos but when you see the description it says for when your feeling chessy not cheesy

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