Fantage shutting down on the 16th?

Hey guys! For all of you who think Fantage is shutting down on the 16th, THINK AGAIN. Whoever posted that picture sure got what they wanted, and that’s people believing them.

First of all, it is a coincidence that Fantage isn’t loading and everything, but hey, this has happened before- they are just updating things. If Fantage was really closing, then they would have informed us professionally like on their Facebook page or on a poster on Fantage. Not on a sketchy picture that looked like it was made by a 12 year old who just learned Photoshop.

anyways, I just wanted to reassure everyone who’s panicking out there.

Once again, I repeat, THIS IS A SCAM. Fantage is not shutting down (any time soon).

23 thoughts on “Fantage shutting down on the 16th?

  1. My proof that Fantage is being updated.i just found a video on July 3 saying Fantage just got updated today is July 5th ok so what 2 days behind there just doing there yearly updating.

  2. What does the picture of the fake proof look like? You should upload a picture on this post. 🙂

  3. Omg I hope it’s not gunna shut down 😓fantage is just to addicting…I don’t know what I’m gunna do in life…thanks cloud for posting this

  4. Fantage isnt shutting down. They are currently under a Ddos attack (This is basically trying to make the game go unavailable) Check the fantage facebookpage.

  5. You’re so right cloud! I tried logging in yesterday and today, but it keeps saying ” Server not found”
    Anyways, thanks for posting this. Love your blog!!!

  6. Exactly. Fantage is a huge corporation, and if it would ever come to the decision of shutting down its business, it would at least notify us on Fantage itself, their blog, their Facebook page, or even their YouTube. It’s quite exasperating how people are spreading false rumors without any precise knowledge, or even doctoring photos through Photoshop and whatnot just to “panic” all users. What’s even more pathetic – people are actually believing them! People really shouldn’t be as gullible, tho…

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