Hey everyone 🙂 sorry for inactivity. I’ve just been REALLY lazy. Anyways, here’s a writing entry I just did hope you enjoy it. Also how was your 4th of july? Feel free to leave comments on what you think of this story

His breathing became jagged, and rough. It became clear to me that being physically here with me right now was painful. I squeezed his hand and he softly caressed my cheek before closing his eyes and the monitor went dead I frantically began buzzing for the nurses. They came in within seconds, resuscitating him. They up his oxygen flow, punch up his morphine pump, put a new bag in his IV and changed his feeding tube. One of the nurses looked at me with heartbreak in her eyes for a second, and quickly left the room. A grip squeezed me softly and I began crying onto his shoulder. “You have to let me go.” I began tracing spirals onto his chest and said “Take me with you.” Silence. “I won’t take you heather.” My vision began to get blurry, and I wiped them away. I couldn’t break down now, not when he needed me to be strong. He made an effort to sit up a bit and kissed my forehead. “You brought me back.” I shook my head and replied,”No the nurses did.” He said “No you did. I was somewhere good. Let me stay. Please.” He lay back down and whispered “sing me to sleep.” I looked down at my boy. How much time of his life did he lose when he snuck away to be with me? “Stop it heather, don’t worry about me just sing.” his hand went on mine. I didn’t know what to sing, so I began humming our song. Our song. Before I knew it, his hand became cold and silence filled the room. I looked up at him and found an angel. His eyes were closed, his lips curved upward. I stood up bent down, and pressed my lips against his one last time.

11 thoughts on “Mine

    1. I don’t plan on continuing it, haha idk maybe I’ll change my mind. I was planning on getting a wattpad (my friend said I should) so if I ever make an account, I’ll let everyone know 🙂 Thanks for reading

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