hi! I’ve been feeling better since my last post ‘oblivion’ AGAIN, i apologize if you’re a bit younger and didn’t quite like the oblivion story. So I just wanted to ask (haven’t discussed this with @cloudz82 or @bshea1 or any of the other bloggers (?) on fantage spy yet so after i finish posting this i plan on discussing this LOL) if you all should think that an ask.fm for the fantage spy squad should be made. Here were my ideas

A.) One ask.fm account per fantage spy blogger, we will supply the links to that

B.) Just one ask.fm account for ALL the bloggers, when you ask questions you MUST direct it at someone. (ex: @cloud when did you start fantage? or @xuandao… ETC)

C.) None

5 thoughts on “:))

  1. A great idea! I would personally prefer one ask.fm account for all Fantage Spy employees, since I have seen other Fantage bloggers doing that as well. This undoubtedly grants us the opportunity to explore the Fantage Spy squad in greater depth, and allows us to have closer contact with them as well.

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