Light Up Fantage- OOTD’s!

The new prize items are so cute! here are some cute outfits I put together 🙂

Flowing Auburn Hair


The hair is really cute. I dolled up a bit and wore pink lip gloss for the last 2 outfits! (as a PM, I can dye my hair! so I dyed it brown in the last outfit).

1. Cute prom look 2. Casual 3. Fancy 4. Cutie pie 5. Airport look

Galactic Dress


I love this dress! its perfect for any occasion- and its really sparkly ❤ Its easy to match things with (because its black).

1. Cute n casual 2. Stylish! 3. Casual 4. Fancy 5. I’m your mother (rofl)

Vote on your favorite item!



13 thoughts on “Light Up Fantage- OOTD’s!

  1. i love the dress so much! -fangirl scream-
    but, just a question, if you have a backup and have one of those new prizes, is it for nons, too? because when i won yesterday, i picked the “swag dress”, and it was starred on my inventory, which means some of the prizes are for members :/ that’s ok if you dont know though, lol

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