Fashion Through Time!

Hey everyone, this post is relatable for the folks who have stuck with Fantage since 2009-2015. So, I present to you, fashion through time!


There were not much items, so Fantagian’s all wore pretty much the same things. Their outfits were very simple:



Now that there are more items, people begin to customize- but still remaining simple. Here are some outfits:



Outfits become more intricate:








As you can tell, Fantagian’s are accessorizing more and more as the years pass.. comment below what you think we’d look like in 2016!

Here’s my prediction:


LOLOL #original



22 thoughts on “Fashion Through Time!

  1. omg,,, i remember when i ALWAYS used to wear secretary hair, those rare wings and that peace top!! those rare items were like the most popular items at that time :’)

  2. OMG Lol that gave me a good laugh 😀 BTW can you sell the jw hair to me, pretty please? Very less people sell it and I am pretty desperate for it hehe

  3. I like the outfits from 2011 the most, looks nice and realistic! Now (like bbcolins said) people shove popular stuff into an outfit just for showing off…

  4. HA! The glasses on the mushroom omg. You’re awesome!
    I hate doing edits because they’re time consuming and… I don’t make very good ones. 😛

  5. Hello cloud82!
    I was just wondering if your blue ribbon hair was for sale? And if it is, is it coined? I have wanted that hair for a while now but not many people seem to have it and the ones I find are always starred. If so, can you email me when you can sell it to me, for how much, and where your kiosk is? Thanks! I would really appreciate it!
    By the way, I’m new to your blog and I already love it. I have spent all day just reading your posts! All your posts are just so interesting and I really enjoy reading them! 🙂

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