Going to update some pages!

I’ll be adding new pages/editing old ones.

Please comment below page ideas 🙂 I might use your idea!

7 thoughts on “Going to update some pages!

  1. you can do like a “the price is right” page for items and ppl can guess how much items are worth in mymall like “The price is Right Fantage Edition”?
    … idk… lol
    (thats how the show works right? idk never watched it)

  2. 1) remember when…..2) funny fantage usernames 3) random peoples conversations (those r really funny!)
    4) fantage event ideas 5) fantage memes
    will post more when think of them

  3. you could do a “is it worth?” or “what is it worth?” kinda page where you post the ‘worth’ price-range of popular items on fantage??

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