Unspoken Chemistry pt. 1

I step out of the bus, arching my back as I hop onto the ground. My back is aching from all that sitting, all I had done in the bus was sleep, considering none of my friends were on the same bus as me. Although there was Julian, but he was the school president and we rarely talked; only in student council. You should’ve seen the look on his face when I was nominated Vice President unanimously, it was a look of confusion, dismay, shock, anything you want to call it – but let’s cut it he was NOT expecting me to nominated. He walked right behind me with a duffle bag, with a sleepy look in his eyes and gave me a curt nod before walking ahead toward his friends. After about 5 minutes of walking, I arrived to the campfire where almost everyone was sitting down chattering away. I quickly scanned the crowd for my two best friends, Anna and Mia. I saw a hand shoot up, waving at me and motioning me to come sit, and as I came in closer, it was Anna. We all sat down and began chattering as a man walked up to the front and held out a bullhorn, and said “Quiet down everyone, quiet down. You are all here to blah blah blah blah” I zoned out as he began blabbing and I stared off into the trees. My ears perked up and I heard “you will be assigned cabins, and field groups. You will first be assigned your cabin leaders” One by one, a bunch of teenagers came running out and I rolled my eyes, they looked incredibly ridiculous. To my horror, they started singing a song and shaking their butts, and everyone was clapping along “bananaa… Slug slug slug slug banana slug” was the chorus of the song. Everyone was laughing and when the song ended they got an encore from everyone, including me. “Hi everyone I’m penguin,” a blond girl stepped out from the group of teenagers. “Hi everyone I’m moose” an asian girl with a short bobcut stepped out waving. My brain scanned the two of them, I would much rather have moose as my cabin leader. Then the 2 guys introduced themselves, and then everyone quieted down waiting for their names to be called. I was eagerly waiting for moose to call my name, and much to disappointment she didn’t. She walked off with a bunch of other girls and then Penguin began calling off names, “Mia, Anna, Haley…..” we stood one by one awkwardly as she called us and when she was done she motioned us to follow her. When I stepped into the cabin, the first thing I noticed was how clean it was. Penguin went over all the procedures and said we all needed a “nature name”, we needed to pick beds etc. My bed ended up being in between Anna and Mia. Anna’s nature name was grass, Mia’s was panda, and mine was reindeer. We all left the cabin and the guy from before (he called himself lion) began explaining the breakfast, lunch, and dinner procedures, and then talked about the camp’s schedule for the next week. He said we would go on “field hikes” at least twice a day and then instructed us to wait to be called to our assigned field instructors. “Anna, Mia….” I looked at them in shock as they shrugged and walked off to a field instructor named “spider” I desperately looked around for other people I could talk to but they all began filing off as other field instructors called their names. I felt someone touch my shoulder, and I whipped my head around to find Julian sitting down next to me. “I think we’re in the last group” his eyes focused on Meadow the field instructor who was the only one not done calling off names, “Julian, and Haley.” she called off. We both stood up at the same time, brushing the dirt off. For some odd reason, Julian was walking along with me down the trail and it struck me. He hadn’t been assigned with any friends either. A twig snapped under my shoe and I suddenly realized we were going downhill. I grabbed the closest thing to me to regain balance, Julians hood. He turned around and raised his eyebrow and I stuttered “I’m afraid of heights..” he gave me an amused look and we followed meadow in silence. Suddenly he jerked ahead, causing me to grab him and we both ended up almost tripping over each other and he erupted into laughter. “I was just kidding calm down.” I could feel myself growing beet red and I think it was this moment that I began falling for him.

hope you enjoy 🙂 & please feel free to comment it gives me motivation to write for you guys (cheesy my bad)

24 thoughts on “Unspoken Chemistry pt. 1

      1. Extremely awesome. You’re a good author. Btw I never catch on posts because I follow lots of blogs including yours but is this an true story? 🙂 I look forward to reading the rest.

        1. Thank you! Well, most of the events that happened in this story are true I just tweaked VERY little parts of the story. My English teacher always said that the best writings come from your own experiences so that’s how “Unspoken Chemistry” came to be 🙂

  1. Oh lord, such an amazing narrative structure you own girl! An impressive complexity of language, too! I really enjoyed reading it, and I’m looking forward for more stories! Keep writing; it’s a talent not worth losing for any!

  2. I think it’s pretty good, but could you please separate the story into paragraphs? Paragraphs make it much easier for read through it, and it’s a part of grammar as well.

  3. A lone wanderer stumbles upon the Great Wall…of TEXT. Yep, that’s right. Separate ’em into paragraphs just like AnnaArso advised you to. 🙂 It would help greatly. Also, some parts were quite confusing but I’m sure you’ll know what I’m on about if you read it over again.

    1. Sorry about that! It was done on my phone, and part 2 is already up. Putting them into paragraphs kind of slipped my mind, but I’ll make sure to do it in part 3 🙂

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