For the people who want old Fantage back.

Okay I’m sorry but everytime people say they want old Fantage back I’m just sitting here like “hello. that is illogical. good bye”

LOL not trying to be rude or anything, but saying that you want “old fantage” back is way to broad. What do you want from the past? the people? events? items? etc.

TBHH I think the only people who would want old Fantage back are the people have experienced old Fantage.

The present and future of Fantage is for the new comers-

I mean when I joined Fantage I was like 7, and so playing Fantage from a 7 year olds perspective was fabulous.

But I’m old now and Fantage is not as fun BECAUSE its for 7 year olds.

Soo, what I mean by “The present and future of Fantage is for the new comers- ”

By that I mean the new players are probably young, so Fantage is still a game for them, and not for us people who’ve joined in 2009.

and you know what happens when old people take over the game and collide with young innocent kids?






The reason why someone would want old Fantage back is because they have experienced the past while they were a kid, so the memories they stored up were all happy innocent ones.

SO now that they look back, of course they’d want their “childhood” back.

Yeah I hope that clears things up.

if not…




12 thoughts on “For the people who want old Fantage back.

  1. that picture tho
    how do fantagians even make babies
    *buys friendship necklace*
    *imaginary marriage*
    *makes a new account*
    *the 2 people tell that account that they are their baby*

  2. I never experienced old Fantage, but it doesn’t sound like something I’d really want back. I mean, even on Bearville, I played since 2008 and never wanted it to be like it was back then. People need to stop dwelling on the past, because the future will never be as good if you have that mindset. 😛

  3. Ayyyeee I joined fantage in 2009, and I was um 8? (stg fantage was age restricted to 13 back then) and I feel only old fantage players deserve to want it back. I doubt newcomers now would even know what happened back then, and are only thirsty for the old items e.g. beta, and anything older 2011. Like I still (sort of :/) enjoy fantage now, with all the events and everything, but seriously I hate it when people only talk to me to see if my items are up for trade.
    Like guys, you’re spending so much on a bunch of graphics. Is that really the entire point of the game?
    Anyone around 2012-2013+ should actually be extremely satisfied with the amount of freebies and opportunities available- I remember back in 2009, there would literally be an event only once a month. Anything earned back then was hard work- anything now, find it in mymall and it’s yours as long as there’s outstanding price to it.
    And I find it ludicrous at the amount of kids are are looking for a virtual boyfriend. Not only have they met each other before, but they’re dating on a game for 9 year olds. At least be mature at the only aspect which separates you from others.

    ok im done ranting whoops.

  4. Hello! My friend and I have been struggling to sell things at Mymall. We’ve both read your page on MyMall multiple times but we’re still struggling. Do you have any more advice?

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