Aye, guess who made it onto the Spy team. Smileyselena100 here, and after all those years of begging Cloud82 to put me on her blog, she finally has agreed to make me an editor. So, starting off, my main job on this blog is to help with the fashion parts, and mostly, to entertain everyone! :P. TBH, I am so glad I’ll be able to be working on this wonderful blog. Now, I shall tell you a little more about myself. My name is Selena. You can call me Smiley, Smileyselena, Sel, Selly, and whatever. 🙂 My main “best friends” on Fantage are Cloud82 and Ceindrina, and a couple others. I love talking to different people, and I love just chatting with people on Fantage, which was the one thing that kept me going on Fantage. My favorite color is white, my favorite food is sushi, my favorite sport is volleyball, I love taking long walks around downtown, and I love reading books at 12:00 am. Where can you usually find me on Fantage? I am usually in Q blast or at a giveaway in mymall (I think they’re so fun). Hmmm, what else? I started Fantage in 2012, and I am indeed 14 years old. Well, that’s about it. Have any questions? Leave them down below!! I will be so happy to answer all of them. 🙂 Btw! I post OOTD’s every day on my Instagram @fantageselena100


Heres an OOTD:


25 thoughts on “AYE GUESS WHATS NEW ;)

      1. I’m going to leave it here. I don’t want to start anything and I don’t want you to hurt me more than you have already.
        For now,

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