My Side Of the Story.

Alrighty friends. Take a seat and let the story begin. This is what happened in my point of view that some of you may not know about in the argument with me and another person. Okay. My friend Cloud82 had told me about how this girl started cussing and being rude to her. She had over exaggerated a situation, and she then started gossiping about how Cloud82 was a very rude and mean person. Of course, that made me really mad. Everyone wants to stand up for their friends right? I knew that Cloud82 was truly a nice person. Sometimes she’s just really busy because she’s got a lot of stuff to do so she might not answer her messages that quickly. Also, this person got in a fight with Ceindrina. One of my other close friends. The exact same thing happened, and she started cussing and attacking at her the same way she did to Cloud82. Now here is where i came in. I deleted her. It was a good reason to do so. I didn’t want to be friends with a person that was hurting my good friends. It’s true that she was super nice at the beginning! She’s probably still nice right now too! But for me, I was just trying to stay out of it, and so I deleted her. She was gossiping about Cloud82 to me and telling me that she was the meanest person ever. That’s another reason why I deleted her.  I didn’t want to hear mean things about my friends, because I talked to them and they said it wasn’t true. I then saw her again and she added me, and I accepted. She said she never wanted to talk to me ever again and that I ruined her life forever. She cussed at me, called me a b*. I really don’t think it’s necessary to cuss, so I don’t do it. Also, that I was making her lose all her friends. First of all, I didn’t make her lose all her friends. I  never even talked to my friends about you because I didn’t want you to lose friends! You were talking to me, and I told you I didn’t want to talk about, and my friends were trying to defend me, which most people do, You on the other hand were gossiping about me to every person you could find. You even went downtown and said “Smileyselena100 ruins peoples lives”.  Do you have any evidence that I gossiped about you? Do you have any evidence that I turned any of your friends against you? You told me to never talk to you ever again, so that’s why I never talked to you. You said you wanted to commit suicide from this, but when I see you with other people, you seem perfectly happy. I don’t understand why you are spreading these awful rumors about me. You seem to be the one who is turning everyone against me. You mentioned my name in your post, and I’m not mentioning yours because I don’t want other people to go against you! I am trying everything to avoid this, but you seem be trying to make it worse. It seems like you want to fight with me. I understand that suicide is not a joke. It’s not a joke at all. But I haven’t done anything. You could just ignore me. But you arent. So you’re looking to have an argument with me. I saw you in the cafe, and you were gossiping about me. You said that I was an attention seeker, and that I was mean and that I ruined your life. I talked to the person, and I told her my side, and she  understood that I wasn’t a mean person, and we are friends now. If people would just take the time to come talk to me, I would be so happy! If you have any questions about this whole argument, please don;t be afraid to comment down below. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to read this!! I appreciate it so much.

Evidence that she’s spreading the rumor about me (Thats her):

Displaying IMG_6926.JPG

Apparently I ruin peoples lives. Watch out. Don’t be friends with me :00


32 thoughts on “My Side Of the Story.

  1. There is two sides to every story. I understand both sides. And this whole thing is COMPLETLEY pointless. but what this person did fromyour point of view is COMPLETLEY awful. They should be ashamed of themselves.
    Speaking the truth here
    pls no h8 m8

  2. Glad this drama is all over
    Sorry for jumping to the persons side first, its just I know her more than u and heard her story first, so I believed her. I should really stop doing that.
    Glad this is all worked out! 🙂

    1. Thanks for understanding!!! 🙂 I hope its over. We still haven’t talked really. Just, when you see another augment, make sure hear both people because everyone’s point of view is different 🙂

  3. So many things are wrong with this post. It doesn’t even make sense. I didn’t gossip about cloud82 and I wasn’t exaggerated. Me and cloud82 have made up, and you causing all this drama is ruining it and so now I’m confused.
    Also, I did not ‘attack’ Cien, we just got in a fight and ALSO made up. But because of you she’s not talking to me anymore. Thankssss.
    Also, do you have any proof I said those things about cloud82?? When you deleted me all I did in the first place was ask you why! Then you got up in my face saying I ignored you. Then, you said a few days later I deleted you. And you told people right in front of me I deleted you. Cloud82 even admitted you deleted me. Get your facts straight.
    To be honest, you did partly ruin my life. People even DID stop being my friend because of you. After they told me they weren’t my friend anymore, they walked right over to the amazing Selena. Coincidence?
    You don’t even have any proof I was happy around my friends. Also, ever heard of a mask? I know it sounds cheesy, but, I do. I’m actually sad, wait why am I saying this?
    Do you have any proof I called you a attention seeker in the café?
    Selena, this post makes no sense at all. You have made me lose friends, and because of that, I don’t know what to do in my life anymore.
    Wow Selena

  4. I totally understand how you feel, Selena. Just ignore her. People can be jerks (sorry to say I can be a jerk too) but you just have to accept that the whole world isn’t good and it probably won’t ever be. But just stick to the people who care about you and who are nice to you. I read this whole thing and yes I’ve experienced something similar to this before. I hope you feel better now that you’ve vented and people understand how you feel. I’ve seen you on Fantage and you seem like a sweet person. Just stay strong. It’s alright. ❤️

    1. Well… honestly, before taking sides, you might wanna consider hearing Luna’s story. There’s also the option of the sidelines…

  5. Hi Selena. I just read the whole thing.
    And I understand all this.
    People aren’t perfect and they overreact and throw a tantrum or something. We all do that at home, right?

    I hope you do feel better ❤ and I believe if you can hang on you will stay strong. I've seen you on Fantage and you're nice and I know you aren't this sort of person who will fight back but instead try to make up.
    Besides, "SMILEYselena100" will definitely smile all day. Maybe not right now, but soon. 😉

  6. Carolyn name twins (Almost) And smileyselena you are sooo nice! The people that call you mean are the mean ones, because when I meet you you were sooo sweet to find a fan. No matter what anybody says you are amazing and should stay just the way you are.

  7. Now I think about it I’d rather not take sides here..
    i mean Luna might think a lot of people is against her based on your pov (not trying to blaming you) here so i’m not taking sides here, and also because you guys have different stories D:

    but still you guys can make up right? x)
    (sorry if i sound rude ;-;)

    1. nah, you don’t sound rude. This thing is kinda over now. I don’t think we’ll ever make up though. We tried, and I had to go, and Cloud82 talked to her, and she said it didn’t go so well.

  8. lets just forget about whatever happened. 😀 and I just remembered something. ” The past is in the past” XD u know what im talking about, right? Just remember this, don’t think or be afraid of the past or future, focus on whats happening now.

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