VIDCON!!! basically a Meet n Greet for famous Fantage Youtubers, artists and Instagramers..

I was there for the last 5 minutes hiding behind a bush while I watched hooligans partying

this is what people said most of the time:

“Where is [insert famous person] awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome”


it was really laggy so I just kinda sobbed in a corner

curled up into a ball

and just


Hey, it’s lukeh2o from Some Asian Fantagian! I can’t do posts myself, but I’m an editor now to do OOTDs for dudez. 😛

So here’s your Outfit of the Day, themed Back to Work because some of us are going back to school soon!:


Idk who she is, but she isn’t into the outfit.

Jk she’s my girl account and one of my friends was on it. She’s mad about something else XDDD

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