Unspoken Chemistry Pt. 2

*Shoutout to: Saphire Fire from Fantage Echo for liking every single one of my posts ever since I became on author on Fantage Spy! Thank you 🙂

edited update note: this story should only be read if you are the age of 9+  due to the fact it has INCREDIBLY SMALL hints of sexual language (This whole story takes place in 6th grade aka when kids are still just learning the ropes of puberty so they make fun of family life and stuff.)

Hi! Again, my apologies for the late story updates. I’m not entirely sure whether I want to finish the high school story with Kyle & Lily because I don’t have time to screenshot the bottom photos (I know it only takes a few seconds, but I rarely get laptop time nowadays) So leave comments below if you want a continuation of the HS story. Note: It won’t have pictures at the bottom 😦

Anyways, here’s Unspoken Chemisty part TWO!

Everyone silenced as we got a to beautiful spot in the woods, and formed a circle (an oval really) on the wooden floor. Julian took a seat next to me, and began staring at his shoe absentmindedly as Meadow began explaining the rules of a game we were about to play. I think it was called zap. The purpose of the game was to have two people sitting next to each other call out the other’s nature name, whoever said it last was out of the game. We started off the game by going around the circle twice, saying our nature names. Then, we proceeded to actually start the game, everyone was laughing and I admit I was having a blast. The winner ended up being my friend, Diane, or as nature would call her strawberry. She was my best friend throughout Kindergarten all the way through Fourth Grade; we ended up drifting apart but remained best friends, just never the same way we had been in our previous years. After the game, Meadow walked us back to the campfire and on the way she explained that there was a “cafeteria schedule” where each cabin HAD to serve at least two times during the week. When we got back to the campfire, Spider was telling everybody which cabin would serve breakfeast/lunch/dinner each day. Everyone was busy talking, so he was mainly just talking to the cabin leaders. The cabin that ended up having to serve was Cabin Diamondback Rattlesnake, and as they left everyone else followed their cabin leaders back to their cabins. As all the girls began getting comfy, Penguin announced the shower situation. All the girls looked at each other awkwardly, considering the fact that NONE of us had ever changed in front of one another before let alone shower. Only one girl didn’t seem very shocked, and that was Maggie. She was really awkward, and no one really talked to her. I always felt bad for her, but I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her. To this day, I regret being such a hypocrite. It wasn’t her fault she was more physically developed, she had already formed a chest and had gotten her period much earlier than any of us. And it’s not like any of the girls were jealous of her, she wasn’t exactly Miss Beauty Pageant but that wasn’t the point. My school was really separated, and she was one of the people who didn’t fit in anywhere really. Deep deep down though, I always hoped she would find someone who could accept her.

12 thoughts on “Unspoken Chemistry Pt. 2

    1. Just a character because at science camp everyone needs a “nature name” 100meadow and the name meadow in the story are purely coincidental 🙂

        1. No no 😀 the person above me asked if someone on this game was the same person in the character, none of this is based on a series on youtube or characters on the game. It’s based on my experiences and a figment of my imagination

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