ayee, new items!+edits


They’re soo pretty!! I love the glasses and outfit the most. What about you?

Here are some outfit ideas:


Aand here’s an edit+edit pack



Aren’t those headbands the cutest?? *O*

anyways everything is free to use/no credit required.


4 thoughts on “ayee, new items!+edits

  1. Woah, I love your edit! I wish they’d release the hat as a hair accessory instead of being connected to the hat. I never thought of the bow as a headband, though.

  2. I like the outfit the most 😄😄

    I actually wish the bow was an accessory, or even the hat on itself – it would be so much better, plus it would have been much easier to match them up with other items.

    Such a great edit, anyhow! 😀

    1. And a lot of her pages were completely copied and pasted. There’s not much I can do about it; I do t really care anymore xP thanks for telling me though! 🙂

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