What Dudes Have to Go Through (Annoying Girls on Fantage – AGOF Series)

Hi, it’s Luke and I might be posting as an author here when I can. 😛

Cloud was particularly amused by this post I made originally on my blog someasianfantagian.wordpress.com and wanted me to post it here. Finally, after eight days, I managed to get this in:

SO here are just a few things guys pretty much have to deal with on Fantage every day. This is sort of a series I might be doing; a series of posts regarding how girls can be on our nerves on Fantage. There isn’t much girls know about how dudes experience Fantage, so here, I’ll tell you of a few of our troubles:

#1: Friend Requests From Girls

If we’re wearing an outfit even remotely attractive, girls will want to friend us because they be desperate. This is especially frequent in MyMall when I stand at the bottom. (And then awkwardly enough that one guy who friend requested me…)


#2: MyMall Searching

Because like 90% of Fantagians are female, there are mostly female items in the MyMall search list. I don’t see why Fantage won’t filter out only the dude items for us and girls’ items for them, but here’s pretty much what it looks like when I’m searching:

annoyingmymallitems1 annoyingmymallitems2 annoyingmymallitems3 annoyingmymallitems4 annoyingmymallitems5 annoyingmymallitems6

Look at how boring that is. “Brown Pants.” *gasp* “FANCY Brown Pants!” and even, “Classic Jeans?!” Waaaat? Woah!

OK, no. Every girl already has every single one of those generic poopy items from the Lame Bot and Cody’s Crappy Cowpies! It literally increases searching time by 80%. So stop posting the things you got for free.

And along the way when I was searching, I came across this hair which I had never seen before, being sold my 100meadow:



#3: Having Girls as Friends Who Want to Talk to You Every. Waking. Moment.

When a girl probably “likes” you (shudders) and wants to chat with you in a blinding shade of pink and in several separate different messages instead of putting it all into one message so you keep getting chat notifications:


(xuandao in a nutshell)

#4: When Girls Criticize You For Everything You Do

For example:


Booing me for not having a kiosk? Girl, there are 30 million Fantage users and only 3,500 kiosks, about 100 of them being taken at midnight FST (Fantage/Eastern Standard Time) when the kiosk reset occurs, and you expect everyone to have one?! Jk, like only 1,000 of those users are even active anymore. *cough*

#5: When Girls Try Too Hard to Be Pretty


Eww, eww, ewww, it just makes me wanna go:


#6: Chatting With Girls

When you have to keep going brb every minute, guys wanna know if you have some sort of bladder infection or diarrhea. If you do, you should really just stay off the computer because it’s tiring trying to talk to someone that way! Think of that in a real life situation:
“Hey, Rebecca, what’d you do this weekend?”
“One second, Josh… (goes to the bathroom to fix makeup)

“OK, so you were saying?”
“Oh, did you do anything interesting ov-” (phone rings)
“Hold on, gotta take this call. Hey! It’s Becca…”
See? And on Fantage:


~lukeh2o, PFYL

25 thoughts on “What Dudes Have to Go Through (Annoying Girls on Fantage – AGOF Series)

    1. Yeah, their goal in life is like cheat on as many boyfriends as they can at once on Fantage is all they need to do. No, they just need to do their homework.

    1. Ha yeah, I was just recently added as an author because Cloud82 needed a guy to do things like the OOTD and stuff that only guys can do.
      And thanks, I worked really hard on this post. >u<

  1. This post was so entertaining and humorous! 😂

    Lol, I feel pitiful over boys on Fantage.. No wonder they take hours to find a male item in the search feature 😂

    Looking forward for more of these posts! 😀

  2. also they should have a male/female filter because it’s annoying having to go through (for example) two different bubblegum tabs

  3. This is so true and funny! One time I made a guy account and people kept askin me to be their whuns and I’m like~




    message for all users

    Fantage guys isn’t a dating website.

  5. lol im not that kind of gurl, but yes i know how it feels. I go on my cousin’s account sometimes (boy) and yes that happens A LOT…..

  6. Lol ya I made a boy account and there were these girls like omg your hot as hell and what I did on the boy account was say, yeah and your not or something mean like that. Funny thing is they were all noobs. On my real account (girl) boys chase after me and I have to run away I mean srsly one guy did something to me that you don’t even want to know.

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