Introducing Luka Puka (New Author on This Blog!)

One girl said she didn’t know I worked on this blog, so here I’m gonna introduce myself. My Fantage user is lukeh2o and my closer friends in real life call me Luka Puka. Yes, there’s a backstory and everything, but I’d rather not explain because it’s just so stupid it may rot your brain.

So here’s my Fantage IDFone snapshot + your outfit of the day for guys!:

I’m naming the dragon Claire. Yes, she’s a girl. ^-^

The theme is emo/dragon rider idk. Some kind of fantasy thing like that.

I’ve played Fantage for 3 years, in fact, 5 days ago was my three-year anniversary on August 10, 2012!

Some of my best friends on Fantage include: xuandao (alleged “whunzies” as she calls us), sammydew2, maycee2011, im_super_cool9, fantboy1, 100meadow, sunrise1200, and a few other friends I don’t hang out with as much but are still friendz! The things I most like doing on Fantage are: chatting, MyMall searching (I literally look through the whole long-as-the-Bible list and usually I dig out some pretty cool items), and changing outfits. I can’t stand being in the same outfit for five minutes or longer. Sammydew2 would know. XD

This post is exactly two hundred words long.

~lukeh2o, PFYL

15 thoughts on “Introducing Luka Puka (New Author on This Blog!)

      1. I had 240,000 before I bought the dragon board and a ton of other items like the hair…
        (Cough not to brag but I’ve had 320k at the most)
        Ha when guys brag because they just have to. Sorry!

    1. Yeah, finally another dude, huh?
      Your blog is awesome, by the way. We go to show dudes can be Fantage bloggers, too…

  1. So what should i call u?
    Luka puka or lukeh
    Btw, i saw u on fantage when it was your first day of blogging and u didnt answer -.-

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