IDfone update!!


Woohoo, I went from being broke to thiss 🙂

Aand I got this new hair!! its really pretty in my opinion. Here are some outfits with it:


I traded these items for it:

itplus Geeky frames and backpack 🙂


13 thoughts on “IDfone update!!

  1. I wanted that hair for so long but unknown in never going to get it lmao

    And u look like u always hav gold lol

      1. Lucky
        Nowadays the most gold I ever get is like 8 thousand and then I end up spending it on limited items for events lol
        The most gold I ever had was only like 60,000 and then I bought koined red gyms for that much (when we still had recounting and things were cheaper;good days) and I was back to zero lmao
        I wish I still had them tho

      1. Maybe I saw some different hair which looks similar :p and I don’t know coined or whatever I just think it was coined maybe I saw the sign of the next thing there lol but I seriously think I saw this item I think the girl was trading or something

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