School and Outfits

Hello my friends. School for me is just around the corner and I am currently going into high school. Raise your hand if you don’t want to go back to school. I should be seeing everyone’s hands up. 😉 Hmm tbh. I’m actually really excited to go back to school, since all I’ve been doing at home is going on the computer, sleeping and eating.

Now onto Fantage related things. Here are some outfits I made a while ago. 🙂

image image

Which ones are your favorite? Also, what’s a item that you really want?


21 thoughts on “School and Outfits

  1. LOL the last one aha. My favorites.. oh gosh.

    Last row, second one
    Second-to-last row, third one,
    1st row, second one
    Third row, third one

  2. My Favorite is the 11th one and the item I want is prom hair. I had a starred one but I’m a non so I sold it and I couldn’t recoin because Fantage took it away. 😦

  3. I like the rightmost outfit on the fourth row! 🙂
    Ew, I don’t want to go back to school, especially since it hasn’t been too long since I got out. 😦 At least I don’t have to go back for a little while…
    One of the items I want most on FT is Kitty1929’s Shorts! 😛

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