Wild Red Hair | Styled it

Hello Hello! I’m back for a new styled it post~

Screenshot_38 I’m going to style the new Wild Red Hair from the Tomato Event. The way the hair flows and also the head acc makes me think of bohemian/ gypsy / hippie style. So I’m going to this theme for the hair. Let’s start!


When I think of bohemian / gypsy or hippie i think of layered necklace, strings, flow-y dresses or bandanna. I’m going show some examples of clothing.


And here’s some outfits I’ve styled:





I LOVE this hair! My favourites are the the first pic or occasions and the last pic for casual. What’s yours?

I’m really glad to write a post again. It’s been AGES since my last post 😦 I’m having my trial exam now and my finals very soon, so I don’t really have time to make posts. Sorry about that ;’)

Thanks for reading~


16 thoughts on “Wild Red Hair | Styled it

  1. can u meet me (katiethomas8 is my user)
    at shadow hawk?
    i have soft bright green hair, puffy teal vest and black leggings and i have skateboard. maybe today at uptown?

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