(For all of you wondering why I’m stalling the Raffle…)

OK seriously getting banned for 120 hours is not fun. I Emailed them why, and this is what they replied with:


Mmm ok FIRST OF ALL, I did nothing inappropriate. Literally I just came back from vacation in California, and I just go to MyMall to sell some things and this happens???

Like I’m not one of those crazy hooligans from the Star Cafe who cuss and virtually “strip”. OK I’m NOT LOL.

There’s supposed to be a person on Fantage reporting people, and I guess Fantage is taking things a lot seriously now 😦

Anyways, I know this has happened to A LOT of people.

Advice for you, once you have discovered your account is banned for 120 hours, do NOT log in any other account on the same device/IP address, or else that account will be banned as well.

I learned that the hard way. (Yeah, 2 other of my accounts got banned too).

Anywaysss I guess stay as CLEAN as possible on Fantage, or you might be banned too.

21 thoughts on “STAPPP

  1. There was an admin who came on and literally banned a whole lot of people. 3 of my friend got banned cause of her. But yet she doesn’t ban people hosting fricking h** tryouts or be virtually making babies

    1. Cuz they dont like banning members that arent that rare. They sometimes ban rare nons like cloud, they want her to buy more gold or membership

  2. Yeah it sucks when this happens. My sister actually just got banned like 2 days ago for 75 hours and it’s still banned. FOR NO REASON! 😮 She was like NOOOO. But yeah I don’t know why it happens..maybe it is just more sensitive now or something..?

    1. Well Bombshell is worth 85,000 Cc is worth 180,000 frisky is 180,000 Movie star hair is 1,000,000 and tiger mouth is worth 45,000. Except I’m not selling any of those atm.

      1. Im not trying to be mean but bombshell is worth 75k cc is worth 200k frisky is worth 200k and msh is worth 1,000,000 like you said. Things are getting expensive!!!

  3. Omg they said the exact same thing to me. I just logged on that day, the screen froze, i logged in and it said i was banned for 113 hours. When i asked them wheres the proof/ evidence they didnt even reply. Omo bye

  4. Hey cloud I was selling my starred chalk boards and those old tee u were talking about that fantagia a were after for ( bunny tee number one tee etc coined) and these ppl I was making deals with were like all your items are worth 500 gold and they were like calling other ppl and stuff I’m wondering it all those are actually worth that much or they just wanted my items for cheap I’m kinda new to selling items that fantagains die for well maybe not die for I was desperate for gold but I think they scam. So what are the prices for starred blue, red, white calk. And clown tee both Turkey day tees number one tee I love dad tee pawn tee etc thx that was a really long comment

  5. It’s starting to sound a bit confusing, tho. Some people are claiming it’s because of using Puffin, while others are claiming it’s because of an “undercover” admin banning people due to inappropriate behavior. Whatever the reason may be, Fantage is already messed up, LOL.

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