The Tomato Theif

Once upon a time, there was a lil girl who was planting tomatoes in her farm. She worked very hard to raise them. She gave them water, nutrition and love.

She spent time with them every moment.

From just seedlings, to fully ripe tomatoes!

She planned to pick her tomatoes the next day, however, when she came to her farm, all her tomatoes were gone.


Every. single. one.

At that very moment, she knew who it was…

It was the Tomato Thief.

AKA her buddies LOOOL

If you guys have been planting tomatoes, you’d know what I mean.


I gotta admit, I’ve stolen tomatoes before too EHHEHE


I couldn’t resist the plump, juicy, JUICY jooocy tomatoes of yours.

I just-

Stole em.

Don’t take it personally cuz I still luv u 🙂

Anyways comment below if you can relate to this post! ! !

33 thoughts on “The Tomato Theif

  1. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH i am getting so frustrated people!!!!! if you have instagram check my post on tomatos (@fantagerox) IT DOESNT MATTER WHO HARVEST THEM THE PERSON WHO PLANTED THE TOMATOES GETS THEM!!! try it-if you harvest someone elses tomatoes you will still have the same amount as before. the only benefits of harvesting others tomatoes is 1)you get sun energy 2)the other person doesnt have to use as much sun energy


      1. WRONG. they harvest them, they get sun energy. you get the tomatos and stars. check your amount before you go off and when you come back on however many are harvested will be added. go harvest other peoples farms your amount will not change.

        1. I tested that on my accounts. My main character (The one who planted them) Got no tomatoes. Idk If she got stars or not, I didn’t check. But it is possible to steal tomatoes because they don’t count. Have a good day though. 🙂

        2. I heard that tomatoes doesn’t count as yours if you steal other’s, but you can still get sun light, whatever it’s called.
          Please correct me if I am wrong..

          1. if you harvest someone elses-
            you get sun energy. they get the stars
            if someone else harvests yours-
            you get the stars, and the person who harvest gets sun energy.
            its actually better cuz this way u dont need to spend sun energy on planting.

  2. I relate to spelling” thief” wrong. Somehow, I always always get it wrong. And yeah, my tomatoes are missing sometimes. The infuriating moments when you only have 19 tomatoes…

  3. Does anyone have 2008 headband, cashU dress or msh? I want to trade to get those items cuz I don’t have that much gold:(.

  4. LOLOL Same here. I feel it’s kind of frustrating when people steal tomatoes (fortunately, no one has ever done that to me yet, haha). However, I have stolen a FEW tomatoes before, hehe xD

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