If any of you guys have coin Limited items for sale, I’ll buy em!

I’ll literally buy ANYTHING as long as they aren’t from Lucky Bot.

So if you guys have any coin lims you don’t want, I’ll buy!

(im interested in Lims that are before 2015. Especially 2011-2013)

Comment below if you have any!

48 thoughts on “buying!

  1. I have some items. Here’s some things: Kitty1929’s Hair (blonde), Game Show Host Hair, Lovely Prom Hair, Earthy Day Dress, Winning Dress, Popstar Girl (Katy Perry/Kathy Berry), and Jungle Run Board. Let me know if you want any 🙂

  2. I have a kiosk for today only! I’m selling the scout/camp tee (coined)! Please buy! Kiosk is: Floor-30 #C-5

    Username: twinkle3003

    I’m trying to save up to get the black secretary hair

  3. I have Owl Tee. I will be willing to sell it to you for about 1,000 gold. Or I also have, White polka dot sweater for about 1,000 too, Purple sparkles (The dress) for about 1200, Teddy bear for about 5,000 ( I really like it.) That’s all. My username is caroline1166. I actually would be very surprised if anyone would want these items.

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