PM Week+ Earn 100,000+ Stars in a day!

ayee so Fantage decided to give free Premium Membership to everyone (who joined before Sept 3 2015) for 1 week.

During this time period, you can…

  • Max your Sea horse catching medal to 200!
  • Use off all your Starred gems
  • Check out the VIP room
  • Search for items at MyMall for free!
  • Get free items from the PM Boutique
  • Buy the 2x coupon and get double the Stars when playing games!
  • AAAND…

Get over 100,000 Stars in just a few minutes 😉

Wanna know how? well keep reading!

  1. Go to the PM Boutique and click:


2. Then choose ‘Boards’ and select the color Purple:


3. Get this board (on third page):


4. Now head on over to the Spanish Server and go to Lucky Bobs (which is located in the forest):


5. Go inside and on the top right corner, click on “Vender”.

6. Then click on the boards icon (Patinetas) and keep scolling until you find the Panda board:


7. Now click on it!

8. You now have 2 options:


You can either sell it for 9,000 Stars, or take the chance and spin!

I usually take the chance 😉 lets see what I get!:



I got lucky and hit the Jackpot (which is 60,000!!!)

I hope you like this tutorial! comment below for any feedback or questions 😀


27 thoughts on “PM Week+ Earn 100,000+ Stars in a day!

  1. helloo, correct me if i’m wrong, but since you’re a higher level as a member (because of the medals and such) then could you get the level prizes? like, the ones from the same place as the buy-a-level thing? (not level-locked items) and if you can, will you still be able to wear ’em even when you’re not a member since you got them using member levels?

  2. Actually, my objective for the PM Week is trying to get pet-locked items and stuff from Secret Adventure. Yeah, very random.

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