Unspoken Chemistry Pt. 3

Your favorite author on Fantage Spy is back with another great story ❤

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Well, the shower situation turned out to be pretty awkward. 2 people had to go in at once (wearing their bathing suit) and was allowed only 3 minutes. I got out of there as fast as I could, wet as a bowl of soup. Okay maybe that’s not the best comparison  Once everyone was done showering, we all had to get ready for dinner. I pulled on a pair of shorts and threw a light jacket over my shoulders. Dinner started at 8:00 but we had to be there at 7:30 to help out with dinner. Penguin got us all to line up, and we all went into the dining room. Each of us were handed aprons and gloves. By the time the cooks got out the main course for dinner, all the cabins had already taken their seat. I spotted Julian talking to his friend James, and somehow he made eye contact with me. He gave me a nod, and went back to talking with James. One by one, everyone in my cabin began delivering the food out to all the tables. I remember the dim lights, the laughters that would burst up occasionally now and then, and the aroma of the dining hall was absolutely amazing. When everyone was done, we all had to gather outside the bonfire. Spider was there, telling us about a “night hike” and how we would walk on a trail by ourselves. Once he was done explaining all the procedures, everyone went over to their cabin leader. As usual, Meadow began talking about the different types of plants, trees, etc… while Julian and I were having a conversation of our own. We stopped in a secluded area. Meadow began talking about the constellations, and I inhaled the air. I couldn’t really describe it if I tried, but the best adjective I could think of is fresh. Meadow passed out these things called “moon rocks” (It was really lifesavers) and told us to pick a partner and chew on the moon rock with your mouth open as the other partner watched. Obviously, Julian and I paired up. He popped one into his mouth and I crouched down a little to see what was going on in his mouth. It was like 4th of July, except it wasn’t. I began grinning, and he was like “What happened?” his breath passed over me and the air began smelling like mint. I put it into my mouth and began chewing, his eyes lit up. After that whole fireworks session, Meadow led us to a trail where we would walk alone from one end to another. I walked and looked all around me, it was dead silent yet extremely noisy all the same time. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and jumped. It was Julian. We ended up walking with each other to the end of the trail and the conversation somehow led to one another, in the end we were asking each other who the others’ crush was.

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