Upcoming shop items!


There’s also this glitch when you put on this board:uh

It basically animates the entire board in a weird way LOL

Idk why but it made me laugh.

The board is literally shimmying behind you



(sorry for spammin yall with posts. I just wanted to do this because school is coming up soon and this would kinda make up for me not posting during the school year. Plus I’m thinking of quitting Fantage…)


16 thoughts on “Upcoming shop items!

      1. yeah the colours are too contrasting, like the highlights,
        looks almost like metal textures (like the shine)
        but I really like the designs tho, just not the colouring as much ;w;

  1. I just met you on fantage. im Chingster3 and my friend is 1Cherry13. Your a beautiful, kind person, I love your blog please don’t quit fantage!

      1. PREPARE THE GRAVE!! -Digs hole and throws you in there- -buries- -throws down gravestone-
        Well that was fast.

  2. How did you get all those items in the photo booth to be perfectly next to each other? Did you do it really precisely in MS Paint, or did you find a way to show all items in one month?

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