Woohoo! got my first customer

Just sold 80,000 Gold for $10 to @fantageish on Instagram! she’s my first customer haha. (Yeah I do negotiate. I was having a special sale on my Instagram page).

*She went first and I didnt scam- duh LOL*

If you’d like to buy, just comment!

28 thoughts on “Woohoo! got my first customer

  1. lol my dad is like
    “paypal isn’t safe, I’ll let you use mine, but only for selling stuff, and let me keep the money”
    I just wanted one for my DA so ppl could pay on paypal instead of points lmao

      1. ikr
        it’s also annoying cuz he won’t let me wear tanktops because its too “revealing”
        like no one is going to come up to me or anyone and say something like
        “you got some hot shoulders”

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