Hey everyone! I’m selling Gold for $10- 100,000 Gold! this deal will end in a few days so get it now!

AKA thats $1- 10,000 Gold

(coupon code: 100kgalore)

I am MAINLY accepting PayPalHowever, I can take Visa or Mastercard gift cards.

Email me at to buy!

My PayPal Email is


40 thoughts on “GOLD DEAL! $10 FOR 100,000 LIMITED TIME ONLY

  1. Gah, darn. I just bought $40 worth of Fantage Game Cards, and I guess because you’re quitting that you wouldn’t accept those… And I don’t have PayPal LOL I’M TOO YOUNG WHAT…
    Ahem. How does a young one pay for something with a Visa card? WHERE CAN ONE GET ONE

      1. ……………………………….Unlikely. They didn’t even let me have an INSTAGRAM let alone a PAYPAL ROFL. Does everyone under 16 have PayPal these days?

  2. Omg!!! How much time for the deal? I really think that my dad will buy me that, but not right away. It can take a week or more… 😯
    Btw, how did you get so much gold?? I have like 5, 000.

      1. Sorry I didn’t answer!! I’m not really sure… I was thinking of quitting Fantage, or just playing during an event. I’m giving my acc to my sis. Maybe she will get gold, but Idk. I’ll still keep reading your blog though 😀.

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