Unicorn Event is out!

*crying because they didn’t choose my fan art entry. I WANTED THE POTATO COSTUME TO COME TRUE. Sigh. Life isn’t fair. LOL




Breh. They’re OKAYY I mean I saw some pretty good ones that were a lot better. But you know, A for effort! these are pretty nice too 🙂

The prices are fine, except the outifts are 4,000 Gold. #Tb to the olden days when outfits were only 1,800 eCoins!

Here’s what they look like:


The horns could have been a bit more majestic looking (instead of resembling white poop).

Outfit ideas


Unicorn Hatchin’

Alright so dis is great if you want some unicorn babies of your own.

Come on I know this is the moment y’all been waiting for 😉


Okay just to let you know, I already reached max of Level 20!

So obviously I did not spend 29 hours on Fantage LOL. Basically to “spend more time” click on any of your gems!

Sapphire – 5 minutes

Ruby- 10 minutes

Emerald- 15 minutes

Diamond- 20 minutes

Black diamond- 25 minutes

Moonstone- 30 minutes

You also get a prize every time you spend 1 hour. Its usually a sticker, but you can get items too!

Here are the items you can get (in order):



(heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes)


Anyways, stay tuned for Part 2~

14 thoughts on “Unicorn Event is out!

    1. XD It’s pretty tough. I got mine after spending 30 hours. Of course I didn’t spend a day and 6 hours; I used all of my gems… I had like 78 rubies from Daily Attendance. 😛

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