Woo #ballin

Remember how I was selling Gold and items through PayPal?

Well I reached my goal of $200! yay 🙂 I have almost $300 now (I sold all my Gold, and most my items).

Here’s my PayPal link:


If you have a PayPal account, we can do business 😉

Also I’ll be giving out mystery items. Send me $2, leave a note with your Email address in it and I’ll contact you so I can give ya a random item!!


25 thoughts on “Woo #ballin

  1. ive always wanted a pm   private acc                is it possible that you can email me one  if not  its fine my dad lost his job so    i guess you could say we are now   officially poor           LOL

  2. Can we pick the items? If we can i have some offers
    Animated tire wheel=$10
    Tiger mouth=$5
    You could change the prices if u want 🙂
    Please reply back!!♥♥♥

      1. Awww 😦 i really wanted the cashU. And tysm for the cheaper price 🙂
        I don’t wanna ask alot but but since I have $30 I could use, Can you do
        Red gyms for $20? And autumm boots for $5? I’m thinking of just buying msh though, how much fo u want for it? (I can spend more than $30 on this just to let you know)

      2. Wintergreen? Bombshell? cc hair? I’m going through my wishie lol. Idk which ones you still have so I’m just gonna make an offer for each
        Cc hair=$15
        I’m aiming for the cc though😃

      3. Ok tysm!! But i only have 15k and I need 27,500 gold. Can u give me the gold? Plz? Oh and I’m not gonna buy the boots, I found a cheap one at mymall. So it will be $32.
        Tire wheel=$5
        Tiger mouth=$5
        Cc hair=$15
        Just so u can know I’m not lying to get it cheaper.
        Your da best 😀
        So do I just send the money?

      1. Yay!! 🙂 I don’t know the “real” value beacuse I see them at my mall for diffrent prices, so how much do u want for it?

  3. Hello! I was just wondering how you sell your items for paypal money? I am really interested in making money via fantage and right now i can see that your business is doing fairly well, and wanted to ask the procedure of finding customers and also how to get the customer to transit the money.

    Thank you!

  4. Ok I have an offer (again lol)
    Kitty1929’s shirt=$3
    Animated tire wheel=$5
    Autumm boots=$7
    Blue number 1=$3
    Cc hair=$15
    If u get the arrow again I’ll pay $7 for it so you’ll get $40.
    I can’t buy the santa sled cuz in money it costs around $25 and I don’t have enough if I want to get some things I’ve wanted. Tysm!! 🙂

  5. Hi Cloud!!! I am looking forward getting gold so if the ” 10 $ for 50 000-100 000 golds is still on, I think I may buy!! Can you reply please? Oh yea, and do you have Gianna’s unicorn dress for less than 4000 golds?

    1. I think I’ll take mystery 2$ items xD. I don’t know how much yet, but I’m really interested!! I’ll post a message again, if I’m sure about this ☺. Thank you!

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