~Le Edits by Le Luke~

Cloud hasn’t posted for so long… I will take over this blog for her if she lets me… Rofl. I’d keep it all her style and everything but I’d be the main author.

But anyway, in my free time I decided to try out MS Paint and see what I could do on it with hairs from my and xuandao’s inventory.

So here’s my inventory edit:

Edit - Snazzy Hat Pack

and here’s xuandao’s inventory edit:

Edit - Elegant Tied-Up Hair Pack

~lukeh2o, from someasianfantagian.wordpress.com

9 thoughts on “~Le Edits by Le Luke~

  1. The benefits of being an author on a well known blog, you get to take over. :^)
    That literally happened with me on FantageRop, haha.

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