For all of you sketchy people…

I’ve been doing a lot of art and things lately and sorry if you want other content like the series that I’ve started but not finished but I took like ~5 hours creating this. It isn’t such a long time and it doesn’t FEEL like a long time when you’re playing around with Fantage pixels and just having fun.
But I went through the entire inventory booth list for girls’ hair and cut them out for editing. I did girls’ hair because, let’s be honest, there’s not much to do with boys’ hair. It’s short and most of it is straight. Recoloring is mostly your option there. o.o

So here are all the hairs that I picked that I thought would be useful to do edits with, EXCLUDING FGC ITEMS, USER-INSPIRED ITEMS, AND SPECIAL GIFT ITEMS. The “special gift items” would be the items that Fantage would give you in return for buying membership or gold/eCoins, like the Mage Hairs.

The FGCIs, user-inspired items, and special gift items will be in separate packs. For now enjoy below!


I only have 2 FRICKIN HAIRS left to do in Pack 5 but Fantage won’t update October 2015. -_-

Of course, all of this is free to use mostly because Fantage made these hairstyles anyway. I did take like a super long time putting the hairstyles on an avatar and cutting the body out and making sure eyebrows weren’t going over the hair, but it’s worth it that someone’s mind is relieved of having to credit whoever made it. But if you feel like this is just amazing, credit me if you want. I’d love to hear of that. 😛

~lukeh2o, draw for you later

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